Cyber Town News | The Apple Watch is dominating the smartwatch market – and the race isn’t even close
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The Apple Watch is dominating the smartwatch market – and the race isn’t even close

Market analysts love the Apple Watch. In fact, they just love Apple. That isn’t because they are brand biased or invested in Apple Stock. It’s because as a brand, Apple leads the way with smartphones, tablets, and smartwatch sales. Because of that, they give market analysts a great indication of market health, which is what projections are largely based on.

One of the things that has come from these projections is the sheer domination that the Apple Watch holds over the smartwatch and wearables market. The Apple Watch was the 4th best-selling gadget of 2017 and looks set to repeat that or go one better this year despite it being only February. How do we know this? Because of research.

Apple Watch Domination

Market search firm Canalys has revealed that Apple sold more Apple Watch devices last quarter than Rolex, Omega, and Swatch combined. They have also revealed that the cellular version of the Apple Watch is in huge demand in the U.S and Australia.

According to their estimates, Apple sold 8 million Apple Watch units in the final quarter of 2017. That’s more than double the nearest competitor. It also shows excellent growth when compared to 2016, when Apple sold 6 million units in the final quarter.

Earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the success of the Apple Watch. In response to analyst research, he said that the final quarter of 2017 was ““our best quarter ever for the Apple Watch with over 50% growth in revenue and units for the fourth quarter in a row, and strong double-digit growth in every geographic segment.” This backs up that recent research by Canalys, showing just how much domination the Apple Watch has in its market. Simply, no other smartwatch comes close to matching its sales. This is despite many analysts predicting the Apple Watch would be a flop upon release.

The next-gen Apple Watch, the Series 4, is due out this year. Battery life improvements and a round face are rumoured to be upcoming features.

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