Cyber Town News | Incredible Inventions That Will Make Your Life Comfortable
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Incredible Inventions That Will Make Your Life Comfortable

The evolving technologies are incredibly affecting our way of life, providing us comfort from our bedroom to bathroom, and from our kitchen to living room. There is not even a single area left untouched by these advanced technologies.

These 21 brilliant inventions are going to startle your mind, and you will be compelled to think about the creativity of its inventors. Have a look


 This Alarm Clock Mat Needs You To Get Up In Order To Turn It Off.

1. This alarm clock mat needs you to get up in order to turn it off.

Clean Your Fruits With This Spray-cleaner.

2. Clean your fruits with this spray-cleaner.

Record Videos With This Video-recording Contact Lens.

3. Record videos with this video-recording contact lens.

The Solar-powered Chaise Longue

5. The solar-powered chaise longue

 Dry Your Shoes In This Useful Net.

10. Dry your shoes in this useful net.

 Exercise While Working On This Exercise Chair.

11. Exercise while working on this exercise chair.

The Scooter Which Can Transform Into A suitcase

16. The scooter which can transform into a suitcase

An Astounding Backpack For Cyclists Which Has A built-in Safety Display

17. An astounding backpack for cyclists which has a built-in safety display


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